Am I a whiny little bitch because I want Java6 on my Mac?


This post set me off today.

Apparently, because I want a modern Java on my Mac, I’m being selfish. Actually more specifically I’m being a “whiny little bitch”.

I bought my MacBook Pro on the promise that Jobs made that said Java would be well supported under OS-X. My business depends on me and our other developers building Java applications for our customers. For nearly a year now, our Mac based developers have held back our company’s ability to deliver Java 6 compliant applications because of the computer that we chose.

So it appears I’ve made the wrong decision to buy a Macintosh? Apple does not want my support / business?

You want to know how Apple will make more money by including Java 6? The answer is simple.

Include Java 6 and you won’t lose the support of companies like mine.

If I’m not running OS-X there’s little incentive for me to look at any of Apple’s shiny APIs – they’re pointless. Keep me on the platform and you might have a chance. Core Animation might be the most amazing thing in the world, but if you’re unable to entice developers into using it (say because we all switched back to Windows / Linux) it’s completely irrelevant.

The Mac has always been a niche platform, with a small but dedicated and vocal community. Apple began making inroads into the corporate development community, and may have just blown it in one fell swoop.

I don’t want to move, but my ability to do business is far more important to me than loyalty to the Apple brand.

Come on Apple, don’t let us down.


3 thoughts on “Am I a whiny little bitch because I want Java6 on my Mac?

  1. Robert

    Regarding the subject line…yes you are.

    Your grandstanding is ridiculous. “Apple…may have just blown it in one fell swoop.” is laughable and downright wrong. The article that “set you off” is absolutely right. Hell, if you really wanted to have Java6 you could just install Parallels and Linux or Windows in a VM (which is super easy to do) and off you go.

    I am scratching my head as to why Apple hasn’t said a thing about Java. It doesn’t in any way make me bemoan the lack of Java6 in Leopard (which was NEVER promised btw).

    I am also hoping as in previous incarnations that Java6 will come out shortly. The pulling of the beta to “me” seems to indicate that it is.

  2. Grandstanding gets things noticed. Same with whining 🙂 that’s why children are so good at it. There’s a whole community here that is demanding attention and we need Apple to notice before business requirements truly demand we ditch this platform.

    I already run VMware, Windows, Linux etc. Developing in a VM is inconvenient at best. Bootcamp works well.

    Java6 in Leopard was never promised, but first-class Java support in OS-X was. The slope has long since tilted, the worst so far was when they started discontinuing Java bindings to various APIs. I believe QTJava was a blow, it had so much room to improve and filled a huge gap.

    I don’t know whether the answer is to have better consumer Java apps (clearly Apple favours the consumer). Frankly that doesn’t affect me at all.

    I couldn’t care less about Limewire or any of the other java examples spouted about, and neither could my customers. They want line-of-business apps that can be put together quickly and efficiently, and Java does that very well for us…

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