iPhone Blogging


I think blogging from a portable device will have to fall under the category of microblogging,..

Suffice to say this is my first iPhone blog post, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

The general experience is a little cramped, but I think a lot of people whine about the iPhone/iPod Touch keyboards too much – I find it comfortable to type on and can even get a little speed going.

The WordPress interface is way too simplistic though. The UI is very basic, so for my next post I will be using the full site. Here I am left with the fear that features I depend on like automatic draft saving are absent (ie no reassuring “last saved at” message).

I hope as time goes on people don’t continue to think of iPhone visitors the same as other mobile phone visitors – the platform is so rich to strip things down to the lowest common denominator leaves you disappointed and wanting.

** Update **

I couldn’t finish this post on the iPhone 😦 you can’t edit posts on the iPhone interface and as it turns out you can’t access the normal editor on the mobile Safari (you don’t get a cursor to type or edit).

Looks like I won’t be doing much blogging from the iPhone after all in the near future.

Or maybe it’s time to go looking for another blog site?


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