SSL-Explorer killed by Barracuda ?! Forked as Adito ?!


I say again, ?!

I have used SSL Explorer for years, it’s an incredible piece of software that gives you a simple web console to initiate connectivity through ad-hoc SSL VPN connections into a private network. The VPN connections are established through a nifty little Java Applet that manages them. To say it’s a VPN is a little bit of a misnomer too, it’s not intended to simply give full network access to people – you have great fine-grained control over who can do what on your private network.

At my company, I have a link for our part-time bookkeeper so she can access the accounting system (that’s all she needs). We use the included VNC java applet to provide multiple-viewer “conferences” for customer project show-offs, of course with a customer specific link to their machine(s) in our test lab. We’ve even set it up at customer sites to facilitate remote administration and maintenance of applications we’ve built for them.

It appears that the software was taken over by Barracuda, and they’ve decided to no longer offer this as a software product – only as an integrated hardware unit. Looks interesting, but not at all what I’m looking for, and if the Adita project is any indication I’m not alone.

The Adito project on SourceForge was created May 17, 2008 by mattock, who immediately saw the need to keep this software open and available to people.

We were just discussing at the office expanding into a new vertical market, and incidentally are having a brainstorming session this afternoon. You can bet this is going to hit the board.

If you’re using SSL-Explorer, make sure you take a look at Adito.


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