An American iPad in Canada


My sister was so proud, she knew I wanted an iPad and she really did too, so on her recent trip to the US, she got one and texted me right away… So naturally I asked her to pick up 8 more for me and my friends but we settled on her just picking one up for me.

For all of 10 minutes she had something that I desperately wanted, and she knew it drove me nuts πŸ™‚

So this is day 1 with my new iPad. The 64GB wifi version.

Setting it up has been pretty painless except for one annoying thing – it won’t even open the app store on the device because it is connected to my Canadian iTunes account. Oh, and it took an hour to sync all my stuff to it.

Other than that things have been going fairly well with it. It is super responsive, easy to type on, and since the last iTunes update I have 8 apps that have already been updated for the device. I am writing this on the iPad version of the WordPress app.

With regards to buying new apps, it gets a little tricky. Of course you can’t buy apps from the US iTunes store with a Canadian credit card, so I’ve been exploring what’s available in the Canadian store. Because the iPad isn’t released in Canada yet, there is no iPad section in the Canadian store but iTunes does show you iPad apps when you search.

Searching on the iTunes store for iBook or Keynote come up blank, but I am wondering if I can justify Plants vs. Zombies HD after buying the iPhone and Mac versions πŸ™‚

The Kindle app was already updated for iPad, but I don’t own any kindle books yet. Stanza works but hasn’t been updated yet for iPad so it doesn’t fill the screen, or is fuzzy if you do.

The WordPress app was a bit funny because there are 2 apps, both with the same name, one for iPad and one for iPhone and you can’t really tell them apart. Luckily when syncing I noted one was much larger and it happened to be the iPad one.

I’ve always been very disappointed in the Google app, and was happy for a minute to see that it has been updated for iPad. But alas, it’s nearly identical. Too bad it’s little more than a bunch of bookmarks for Safari.

Well, that’s it for now. Going to go play Plants vs Zombies – the iPhone version zoomed in – which isn’t so bad. The larger screen itself makes a tremendous difference in gameplay. The zombies are coming!


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