I am a social activist, entrepreneur, software craftsperson, and team builder. I’m the founder and visionary behind Three Wise Men and Mojility, and have been building, leading, mentoring and inspiring teams to build great software for over 16 years. I’m highly active in business, entrepreneurial, academic and technical communities. With my mix of highly technical skills, and business acumen, I can relate and guide developers on a very technical level to align values and business goals.

The tools I use have evolved from the Agile Software Development, Lean Software Development, and Software Craftsmanship communities over the past 15 years. They include technical practices such as pair programming, test-driven and behaviour-driven development, continuous integration and deployment. They include project management practices in estimating, planning and retrospectives, and frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. Most importantly, the tools I use will be the ones that work for your team – because every context is different.

Personally, I have completed projects in a very wide array of technologies over the past 30 years. The past few months I’ve done a great deal of work in C++, Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, and others.

My favourite work right now is building my co-development and mentoring service, you can find more about this service at http://mojility.ca/mentoring/

Through Mojility Inc my primary business activity is mobile app development. I have clients in a wide variety of industry sectors. More information can be seen at http://mojility.ca


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